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About PolBox Cloud

PolBox Cloud - is a solution for storing and using personal media files. Once you download our free and unique app, you have access to a store of personal information.

PolBox Cloud - scans and sorts your files in the PolBox Cloud library. After downloading the application on your favorite devices, you can enjoy watching or listening to your favorite music in the same second.

Our PolBox Cloud app is available for download on Android and iOS platforms, as well as on TV boxes that are available for sale on the polbox-media.com website.

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If you are a music fan and can’t imagine your daily life without your favorite music, PolBox Cloud gives you access to all of your tracks and play them on any device.

Just after adding your music files to PolBox Cloud, all of your songs and albums will be organized automatically, by genres, artists, years and more. You can always find the track in your music library by search.

Videos and Photos

Open, remember and share your best memories on any device. PolBox Cloud is the perfect App for saving, streaming and sharing high quality videos and photos in any format.

After adding your videos and photos to PolBox Cloud, it becomes very easy to navigate and play them on any device.